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Get started with Pinterest

This Social platform has a few differences. From its style and type of content to why people are using it.  Typically, people are for searching for new ideas, inspiration,  maybe planning an amazing trip or searching for the perfect recipe.

So, what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a new style Pinboard or scrapbook. It is somewhere people can discover and save new ideas in the form of a “Pin”.  A Pin could be about any topic but will normally have an image, text and links to a website.  “Pins” can be pinned, organised and collected on Boards to keep and view later.  For a business, this might include organising boards based on product categories.

Why it’s good for business?

One of the interesting advantages of Pinterest is that evergreen content can still be sending traffic to your website months after it was originally published. This is certainly attractive when you consider the fast-paced nature of content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Think about it…. You publish an amazing pin… it is repinned by someone. Then that is repinned by 10 more people, maybe even months after it was originally created.  This can keep driving traffic towards your website.

With Pinterest, you can access a whole new audience by considering cross-promoting content from your other networks plus, you can drive traffic, send more visitors to your blog, site or online store and capture the attention of people at different stages of the sales funnel.

Who is using Pinterest? Well, according to Pinterest 175 million people use Pinterest every month. This includes pinners and businesses.

A simple plan to get you started

It takes just a few minutes to set up a business account. Build your profile – ad an image, and create a short bio about your business and what it can offer.

Start with creating 10 boards – think about your target audience when setting this up.
Name boards based on specific keywords – ‘think’ what will the person type when searching?  There is no point having a brilliant title if no one can find it.  Think of Pinterest like a search engine.

The ranking of pins and whether you are at the top or the bottom of the feed is determined by Pinterest’s algorithm. This assesses key factors such as how relevant the content is to the search that has been made.  Build your profile, boards descriptions and Pins around your keyword list so that you can improve your SEO and how high your content appears in the feed.

Choosing What to Post

Think about creating useful,  helpful content that offers something of value. Generally vertical posts work better and of course, great visuals are essential to Pinterest.  Always use high-quality images and write engaging descriptions. Ensure that you include a link back to a related blog or landing page.

Keep adding new original content consistently to keep followers interested.   Incorporating other people’s content is also important and will help you to build up your offering.  Follow other pinners, particularly those in your field. Share, like and comment on pins. Look at your followers to learn more about what they like and how they organise their collections.

In terms, of what you should post the possibilities are endless. Maybe try creating an ultimate guide, a how-to list, 5 top tips, inspiring images, or 3 relevant best practises.
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Why we love video

Here are a few facts and figures to give you an idea of its popularity.

All the statistics indicate that video will continue its rapid growth in popularity for content marketers.  Of course, there are so many great types of content such as blogs, infographics, how-to guides but video offers a very different experience and as such has become an extremely effective delivery method for creating memorable campaigns.

Quality, relevant content, particularly video can dramatically increase click-through rates and the amount of time that visitors stay on your website.  There are more than billion users on YouTube and hundreds of hours being viewed daily.  YouTube’s research shows that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.  On Facebook alone, 500 million people are watching videos daily.

Great news meaning that you can improve your sites SEO and ultimately drive more traffic to your homepage.

What is also interesting is customers recall brands at a much higher rate than through other methods. We are visual creatures and so it is easy to see why it has such an impact on us.

Video is versatile, reaches and connects with people on a different level creating a whole new buzz about your brand. It is absolutely one of the most profitable and useful tools for digital marketers today and if it is not part of your digital strategy then it should be.  It is likely that businesses failing to adapt and include it in their strategies will surely be left behind.

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