Hashtags are a way to communicate online.  By adding a pound sign (#) in front of a word or group of words it becomes a searchable link and a way to categorise content on social media into common themes. This allows people to find your content and for you to discover, connect and engage online with your audience.

Our Ten Tips:

  1. You can create a Hashtag by putting the pound sign (#) in front of a word or group of words.
  2. Select a Hashtag that is specific to your target audience.
  3. Remember that hashtags are used differently on each platform. 
    Take the time to look at the guidelines for your chosen network.
  4. Group all words together with no spaces. You can use capital letters to differentiate between words.
  5. You don’t need to use a Hashtag in every post. Make sure your content is a good fit in the category and adds value.
  6. Don’t overload your posts with too many. 1,2,3 specific, relevant and targeted Hashtags are better.
  7. Keep them as short as possible so they are easy to understand.
  8. By including Hashtags you can increase exposure and reach new audiences that you wouldn’t reach otherwise.
  9. By using Hashtags it is possible to track and group campaigns.
  10. For inspiration, if you are not sure which Hashtag to use search on the social network for keywords relating to your campaign.